"i bet god thinks you're amusing" — sean daly.

Because brevity and choking sex don’t really go together for what I need to say, I’m typing it here because it’s too long for Twitter. (Posts re: this are here)

I Googled it because I wanted to see if there was some name for whatever the kind of sex is that isn’t erotic asphyxiation because it’s not like you NEED it, you just really fucking like it. But it’s not as hardcore as BDSM or whatever the fuck you wanna call it because maybe you’re not all into the gagballs and whips and it’s less of a dominatrix thing and more just about being dominated. Like, maybe you just really like rough sex, ya know? Choking without passing out, and spanking but like - no paddle. Like you do it all with your hands. It’s just one body dominating another one. But basically, I found a bunch of shit about Carradine, erotic asphyxiation, bondage, somehow got to bukkake (please don’t ask, I swear I wasn’t even remotely fucking close to it), and then a bunch of other shit where I’m sure it will one day be referenced in a Law & Order: SVU episode, if it hasn’t already. But yeah. Choking + Spanking + Rough Sex = Awesome (shamelesssss).

Basically, I wanted a name for it.