"i bet god thinks you're amusing" — sean daly.


bluebirds fly high. fuck, fuck, fuck.
my therapist.

how does one look so ladylike when photographing their nails? I don’t get it.

I’m framing this and hanging it in my house.

last night I saw my beautiful best friend in this movie. it’s not for the squeamish. so if you have a history of passing out in theatres maybe, don’t see it. if you’re okay with bodily fluids and stuff then you’ll be fine (I was fine). carla is amazing in it and you should see it just because of her.

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Arcade Fire


Funeral was released on September 14, 2004 in North America.
Listen to this masterpiece on its integrity to celebrate its 10th anniversary.

god bless arcade fire.

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I made a hot fudge sundae but the fudge was so hot it melted most of the ice cream.

should I tattoo this on my body?

apparently, this is me now.

we’re watching welcome back kotter

got some gifts in the mail.

big ups to nurse @rottinghaus for keepin’ my snack supply fresh. (not pictured, the two bags of wasabi ginger potato chips, snickerdoodles, Häagen-Dazs bars and a bangin’ grilled cheese sandwich, all of which I already ate. and bath salts [for the bath, not consumption].

this isn’t what it sounds like. my vagina is fine.

hi, I’m in the emergency room because of something happening with a nerve and my spine (my doctor drew a sort of diagram of it on the gurney) and I just got something called Dekadron injected into the side of my hip, so that’s pretty cool.

dog’s first outdoor movie.